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ZAGREB - construction update II

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time for a part II about Zagreb :)

Part 1 has been moved to the SSC archive and is still open for consultation but not for posting !!
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Long Foot - Thanks for the images of these commercial buildings.

Walter Wolf - Thanks for the link to the HOTO Group. Its about time they had a more informative website about their projects. Thats a great find! :)
Hey thats great EuroTower has its own website now! About time :)

Now I can have read over a cup of coffee. Great stuff guys! ;)
Thanks but we've posted Almeria before. We've probably posted every possible Zagreb project that there is. However we are waiting on some news on many more office buildings which we will post here soon.
Long Foot, what is the tallest structure that they are building in both Spansko and Vrbani III. I say some plans and there wer some tall buildings planned on both locations?
Do they have a completion date for both projects?
Thanks. Do you know if they are building anything much in Velika Gorica? I havent been there for a few years. I lived there for a short time and was curious if things were happening there. I know Buzin has been building a few things.
Thats interesting, but is that area under GUP planned for tall buildings?
Its just a pity Jutarnji List isnt on-line as they seem to post the best information on new Zagreb projects.
The thing I dont understand is why there is "Erste Bank" sign on this skyscraper ?????

Considering Erste is building their own same size tower pretty much on the other side of the same street.

Do you know what the story is behind this? Is this just another one of those strange things from the web when it comes to new Zagreb towers. This doesnt make sense. Do you know anything LF?

Otherwise this tower will look great on the Zagreb skyline and I too cant wait for some construction photos. :)
Hey Long Foot, did you know that the Bank of Zagreb (Zagrebacka Banka) submitted this year a plan for a skyscraper on property that it owns. Its on the location of Vukovarska and Hrvatska Bratska Zajednica streets. The Zagreb City Council said that the design wasnt acceptable and told them to come back with something else. I heard that it was way too high. :D Do you know anything about this as they are very determined to build a skyscraper for their head office. I guess they must be jealous of all the other Croatian banks and their new towers.

Secondly, that Raiffeisen Bank Tower is a serious development. We'll be hearing very soon about this. Its interesting how the banks are building new head offices in Zagreb.
Long Foot, I'm hoping Zagrebacka Banka perhaps could look at another site in this area. They want to build tall and I think this should be encouraged.

Secondly, do you know that the Vjesnik Tower which was built in the 60s is going to be renovated sometime soon with the construction of something next to it.

This was always going to happen because older towers like this cannot compete with newer buildings. Thats why Ilica 1 is getting a full make over, luck that Cibona is still pretty new and Zagrebcanka is slowly being fixed up because of many **** ups when they built it. They used cheap marble for the facade which just wasnt up to strength.

In regards to locations of skyscrapers, basically Ive seen skyscrapers built on smaller location that EuroTower, but the story about Mamic is hilarious. I heard about last year LOL :D

There was something else Long Foot I was going to tell you but I cannot remember. I'll keep my mind open and hopefully I'll remember :eek:hno:
Long Foot, heres a better render of Hotel Internacional ......

Im sure at one stage he would have been severly fustrated with the council over their stupidity just like Horvatincic was in dealing with them. Anyway I'm glad they are building the "twins", even if they arent the original 2x 138m metres that were originally planned. Still it makes for Zagrebs new tallest.
I agree with you to some degree but sometimes planning doesnt come up with the right solutions, sometimes developers need to be a bit more agressive but within reason. Zagreb can cope with towers in these locations but to me they need to bunch up buildings in locations. I dont mind HOTO where it is because its pretty much next door to Cibona and down the street from Zagrebcanka. Sometimes things need to get worse before they get better. Its not the fault of the new towers but instead a city council that is being slow in delivering what a fast growing metropolis needs.

Firstly people need to work in modern towers in areas set aside for them. The council needs to plan for things that will better support these areas. Therefore the transport system is failing Zagreb, therefore they need to do something about a metro/light rail/heavy rail system. If Manhattan can function the way it does them I'm sure Zagreb can easily with a bit of smart planning. :)
I like this building for some reason. Thanks for finding a better picture. Are there any other office buildings near to it. I think you said it was over on the west side of Zagreb because in its glass facade I can see the reflections of another office tower but I dont know which one it is? :)
long foot said:
one more pic of T-mobile building in Vukovarska constructed by Tomislav Horvatinčić
view from west side
Long Foot, where in this picture did Zagrebacka Banka want to build a tower?

I can see where I used to catch the bus to and from Velika Gorica! :)
long foot said:
And one more possible project. „Homeland monument“ should be build on Stjepan Radić square (between Lisinski comcert hall and City Council building). I just found one of renderings. On left sife of picture you can se possible transformation of Gredelj factory, which shoud be knocked down.

Ah yes Centar Projekt, you told me about this last week I think.
Zagrebacka Banka will probably lease something because they got refused. What do you think LF?
Light Rail .... it depends on how they want to build it. Its either by tunneling or the other process known as "Cut & Cover". I dont know what bedrock Zagreb has ...
Hopefully they dont waste anymore time. ;)
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