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Zagreb Construction Projects​

- Office Buildings -

EuroTower 1 – 26 levels – Nearing Completion
EuroTower 2 – 13 levels – In preparation
Zagreb Tower – 22 levels + 8 levels – U/C
Almeria Tower – 15 levels + 8 levels – U/C
Hypo Centre – 11 levels (4 building complex) – U/C
Business Centre International – 13 levels + Hotel & Retail – U/C
Centar Projekt – 11 levels – U/C
VMD Centre – 9 levels – Completed
SPAZ Office Bldg – 9 levels – U/C
Grand Centre – 9 levels – U/C
Business Centre 2000 – 9 levels (4 building complex) – U/C
Boston Global Centre – 6 levels – Completed
Emporion Centre – 6 levels – U/C
Knežija Office Building – 11 levels – U/C
InGrad Complex – 6 levels – U/C
Savska 3 – 4 levels – U/C
Vukovarska 296a – 9 levels – In preparation
Erste Bank Tower – 26 levels – On hold
Raiffesen Bank Tower – 15 levels – Proposed
Bank of Zagreb Tower – 30 levels – Proposed
Jadran Site – Office Tower Complex – Proposed
Siemens Site – 9 level Tower – Proposed
Zagrebčanka Site – 100,000sqm site – Multi tower proposals
Radnička – Hektorovićeva – Supilova – Bunićeva – Multi building complex – Proposed
HOTO Tower – 16 levels – Completed
VMD Promet – 9 levels – Completed
Croatia Osiguranje – 7 levels – Completed
Eurocentre – 6 levels – Completed
Europapress – 6 levels – Completed
Pliva Institute – 6 levels – Completed
Neboder – 17 levels – Reconstruction / Rennovation
Parmolin Site – 19C industrial conversion – TBA
Buzin Commercial Centre – New secondary Zagreb CBD - Proposed
Alkom Office Bldg - 7 levels - U/C
Cimos Office Bldg - 8 levels - Construction halted.
Volksbank Office Bldg - 6 levels - Completed
Gredelj Site - Industrial conversion of site for new commercial zone - TBA
Old Zagreb Stadium - Re-use of site to allow construction of 2 new skyscraper office towers and a bunch of low rise office complexes. Located in Kranjčevićeva Street, this site is very close to Cibona office tower - In Planning.
Veliko Polje - New commercial zone which is adjacent to Buzin in southern Zagreb near Airport. This is an expansion of popular Buzin trade zone which will include a further 260,000sqms of floor space in various new buildings - In Planning.
Croatian Bishops Council - New administrative centre of Catholic church in Croatia - In Planning.

- Housing Estates & Apartment complexes -

Hotoville – Largest private residential (inc shopping centre) – U/C
Vrbani 3 (POS) – Multi building apartment project – U/C
Špansko (POS) – 30 building apartment project – U/C
Hypo Apartments – 4 building complex – U/C
Njivice – 17 hectare site south of Vukovarska street to be transformed into new residential area by Geoprojekt – Proposed
Sesvete (POS)– New housing complex on former brickworks (inc 60,000 sqm shopping centre) – In planning
Branimirova – Multi building complex – In preparation.
Folnegovićeva naselja – New multi level apartment complexes up to 10 levels tall – Proposed
Bednjanska street – 9 level apartment complexes – U/C
Ilica 191 - New 7 level apartment / commercial complex - U/C
Sesvete (POS) II - Expansion of housing estate to consist of medium to high density housing - In Planning.
VMD Apartment Complex - 6 level multi building complex - U/C
Oranice (POS) - New housing estate for up to 33,000 new residents. Adjacent to Vrbani. Medium to High density multi level apartment bldgs (9 level limits) - In Planning.

- Shopping Complexes -

GTC Retail and Business Complex – 32,000sqm multi-level shopping complex with multi level office tower (8000sqm) – U/C
Zagreb Shopping City – 700,000 sqm complex includes retail, offices and entertainment zone all-in-one – U/C
Zagreb Fair – Huge shopping and entertainment complex next to Zagreb Exhibition Complex – In Planning
Billa Centre – In planning
Marićev Prolaz - Extension of retail arcade running parallel with Ban Jelačić in direction of main square - In Planning
Hoto (Shopping) Center - 50,000 sm - U/C
City Center Zagreb - New 45,000 sqm shopping complex over 2 levels - U/C
Peek & Cloppenburg Department Store - German retain chain expanding into Zagreb and other Croatian cities - Zagreb store in planning.

- Public buildings -

Zagreb Congress Centre – In planning
Zagreb Airport Passenger Terminal – In planning
Rebro Hospital – Expansion – U/C
University Hospital – U/C
Mimara Underground parking complex – In planning
Tuškanac Underground parking complex (5 levels) – In planning
Josip Lang Square Underground parking complex - Completed
Kvaternik's square redevelopment – In preparation
Emergency Control Centre – 6 levels – In preparation
Justice Square - New legal district for Zagreb – U/C
Trešnjevska Square – redevelopment – In planning

- Hotel / Recreational Complexes -

Hotel Antunovic – 9 levels – U/C
Aqua City – Thermal Spa and Aquatic Centre – In planning
Hotel International - U/C
Terme Zagreb - In preparation
Bundek Lakes - Upgrade of existing park to include new leisure facilities - U/C
Sljeme Cable Car - Expansion with new gondolas - In Planning

- Sports complexes -

Maksimir Stadium – U/C
Svetice Olympic Pool – In preparation
Utrina Swimming Complex – Completed
Handball Complex Svetice – In preparation
Handball Complex Špansko – U/C
Sports & Recreation Complex Sesvete – In planning
Sports & Recreation Complex ‘Chromos Savica’ - new facilites that include a new highrise hotel – In planning

- Infrastructure -

Domovinski Bridge – U/C
Jankomirski Bridge – U/C
Junction Slavonska/Heinzelova – Completed
Čulinec Station upgrade - completed
Šarengradska Project – New roadway from Jadranski Bridge to Cibona Tower – In preparation
Nova Branimirova – Road expansion / extension – Phase 1 completed, Phase 2 in preparation.
Gajnice Station upgrade - completed
Zapadni Kolodvor (Zagreb West Sation) upgrade - Under way
Zagreb Metro – In Planning
Zagreb Suburban Rail Expansion - New stations, new lines, new trains with elevated and underground lines - In Planning
New Sava Bridge - Spanning Sava River to connect Vatikanska & Vrapčanska roads on either sides of the river - In Planning with possible 2006 start.
Medvednice Tunnel - new northern motorway that passes beneath Medvednice mountains behind Zagreb - In Planning.
Sveučilišne Aleje - widening of important cross road (runs beside new EuroTowers) - U/C
Zagreb na Savi - Huge Sava River re-development to regulate river flow and hence allow new residential and commercial development right up on the riverfront on both banks. A new exciting project that will change the look of Zagreb for ever - In Planning

- Religious -

Zagreb’s Great Synagogue & Jewish Museum – In planning (2006 start)

- Museums and Arts complexes -

Museum of Contemporary Arts (MCA) – U/C
Zagreb Academy of Music – In preparation
Zagreb Modern Opera – In planning
Zagreb Museum of Architecture - In planning
Zagreb Gallery of Naive Arts - In preparation
Zagreb Musuem of Natural History - In planning
Zagreb Musuem of Sport - In planning
Badel Exhibition Centre - In planning
Zagreb Centre for Dance - U/C
Zagreb Histrionics Centre - U/C
New Musuem of Croatian History - In Planning
Museum - War Memorial of Independence War - In Planning

* If you happen to find an unlisted project that is worth an attention and discussions, feel free to pm me or post projects in this thread, and I will add them to the list above. Thanks.


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Everybody is welcome to contribute and participate in this thread - so enjoy yourself, dear folks :cheers1:




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^^ Thanks for the pics, Payo :)
Although, i am not able to enlarge the first upper pic, pitty :(
Anyways, i can see an interesting looking facade is coming up already, that's great :eek:kay:


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PP, great stuff,

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I'm pissing myself laughing at the banner. :D Looks great Bubach!

I'll get that list ready in an hour or so.

Payo - great pics by the way. Almeria looks quite tall and sleek. Zagreb Tower looks great. I'm glad they are sticking to the design in the render. I think this will be the best and most interesting looking of all current ZG skyscrapers!

Thanks. :)

I come in peace \V/
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lol, :hahaha: :hahaha: :hahaha:

I can only preview cant actually ce the banner

hlubach bubach
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hehe, seriously i didnt expect any of you would even notice that, but now I am actually glad i gave you something to laugh at :)


So, lemme share this beatiful photo with you. It was stolen from :)


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^^ Nice Bubach! :)

BTW - I PM'd you the updated project list in 3 parts. Its too big to PM in one lot LOL. :D

Anyway - New and updated projects will appear in red text. I'll leave it up to Bubach to update.

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In the final posts of the previous ZG thread, Long Foot mentioned the completion of Gajnice station on the Zagreb suburban network.

The interesting thing is that the new platforms are now 160 metres in length and the reason for this is the anticipation of new suburban trains and carriages which will be capable of carrying up to 1000 passengers!

As was announced a couple of weeks ago, major planning is now under way by transport experts and engineers on the new look and expanded Zagreb suburban rail network.

There will be new stations and line extensions and of course the new trains which maybe locally built like the trams. :)

An interesting thing is the prospect the new metro may be intergrated with the current network. The study will annouce the final outcome that may also include a combination of elevated rail viaducts and tunnels. The other option is that of light rail.

I'm more than sure the rail buffs here will annouce any forthcoming news in the months ahead :) .....

Otvoren novi željeznički peron

S mjesec dana zakašnjenja u srijedu je u Gajnicama otvoren sjeverni željeznički peron. »Najvažnija novost za putnike jest duljina novog perona koja iznosi 160 metara te će zahvaljujući tome na stajalištu moći stajati dulji vlakovi, oni u koje stane do 1000 putnika pa će se smanjiti gužve«, rekao je prilikom otvaranja zamjenik predsjednika Uprave HŽ-a Marijan Klarić. Najavio je da je to samo početak modernizacije prigradskog željezničkog prometa, u sklopu koje će se kupovati i moderniji vlakovi. Sadašnja investicija vrijedna je 15 milijuna kuna, pri čemu je Grad Zagreb dao 10 milijuna kuna.

Gradonačelnik Milan Bandić rekao je da će struka odlučiti hoće li se graditi metro ili sustav prigradska željeznice.
Uz to što je produljen, peron je i proširen, postavljene su nove nadstrešnice te klupe, kante za smeće i stalci za bicikle.
Budući da je pristup novom peronu samo djelomično prilagođen osobama s posebnim potrebama, gradonačelnik je najavio da bi se za njih u roku dva tjedna trebala sagraditi tri dizala koja će biti smještena na ulazu u pothodnik, koji prolazi ispod Aleje Bologne.

Mislav Nekić

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Biggest privately built housing estate near Zagreb is officially opened ...

Hottoville is now completed and includes 569 appartments and a 40,000 shopping centre. All of which was completed in under 12 months :eek: ....

U Svetoj Nedjelji otvara se mali grad
U nepunih godinu dana sagrađeno je 569 stanova

Povodom otvaranja prvog naselja zatvorenog tipa u Hrvatskoj - Hoto Villa u Svetoj Nedjelji, te trgovačkog poslovnog objekta Hoto centra i dječjeg vrtića, u srijedu je održana konferencija za novinare u prostoru Hoto centra odnosno budućeg wellness i fitness centra.

Investitor projekta Hoto Villa, Tomo Horvatinčić, rekao je da je u projekt uloženo 72 milijuna eura. Naselje je izgradila Hoto Grupa, a cijena četvornog metra stambenog objekta iznosi 1560 eura.

»Mali grad površine 70 tisuća četvornih metara (569 stanova) sagrađen je u nepunih godinu dana, a budućim stanarima ponudit će organiziraniji način života«, istaknuo je Tomo Horvatinčić. Stanovnici naselja imat će, naime, zajedničku recepciju, nevidljivu kontrolu poput signalizacije na registracijskim tablicama, mogućnost korištenja školskog autobusa te dodatne pogodnosti, poput stomatološke ambulante, supermarketa s prodavaonicama zdrave hrane, poštom, bankom, frizerskim i masažnim salonom.

»Naselje nije zatvorenog tipa, nije geto. Hoto centar se nastavlja na naselje, ali je otvoren prema svima, posebno gostima iz Slovenije kojima će kupovina biti isplativija zbog vraćanja PDV-a«, rekao je Ranko Alojević, direktor Hoto centra.

Trenutno je u naselju Hoto Villa 300 stanara s dva novorođena djeteta. Prodano je više od polovice stanova veličine od 45 do 450 četvornih metara. Izgrađen je i moderan dječji vrtić »Dobra vila« na 1300 četvornih metara, s tri etaže i sedam vrtićkih jedinica. Vrtić ima i veliko polivalentno igralište, a svaka vrtićka jedinica ima i poseban izlaz s terasom. Vrtić je otvorenog tipa i može smjestiti do 220 djece.

Svečano otvaranje naselja Hoto Villa, Hoto Centra i dječjeg vrtića bit će u nedjelju, 9. listopada, u 16 sati.

Ana Grubanović

hlubach bubach
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^ very impressive :eek:kay:

I especially love the shopping complex. Hopefuly, we will see some real pics of the complex soon, until then these renders will have to comfort us :


otišao i neće se vratiti
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Great summary bubach, I like the banner very much :D especialy that fucker bandić staring from the castle ;) :D

I found few mistakes like i always do in your list ;)

These 2 hotels are the same thing and neither one of them is officialy confirmed ;)
Hilton Hotel - Vlaška Street - In Planning
New 5 star hotel off Jelačić Square - In Planning
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