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Centar Črnomerec - 26 level office tower on former TKZ industrial site opposite Trg Pravade (Zagreb’s legal district) Construction expected to commence in early 2007 (90+ metres) LINK LINK
Zagreb Tower – 22 levels + 8 levels LINK
Almeria Tower – 15 levels + 8 levels LINK
Business Centre International – 13 levels
EuroTower 2 – 12 levels LINK
Avenue Mall Tower – 12 levels
Hypo Centre – 11 levels (4 building complex) LINK
Knežija Office Building – 11 levels
SPAZ Office Building – 9 levels
Hypo Office Building – 9 levels on Ljubljanska Street
Rudeš Poslovni Complex – Dual curved 9 level office towers which will house Zagreb Montaža Group on Ljubljanska Street (30,000 sqm)
Business Centre 2000 – 9 levels (4 building complex)
Rapska Business Centre – 9 level office building and apartments (6 building complex)
Hypo Consultants Office Bldg - 9 levels (former Cimos Site) Completion of abandoned office project from the late 80s on Ljubljanska Street (18,000 sqm)
HZZO Office Complex – 8 levels for Hrvatsko Zavod za Zdravstveno Osiguranje on 8 Gradišćanskoj Street (9300 sqm)
Agram Office Building – 8 levels
Branimir Grad – Two 8 level buildings to house Croatia Osiguranje’s Health Insurance and Retirement Invest Fund departments
Radnička – Hektorovićeva – Supilova – Bunićeva – Multi building complex
Alkom Office Building - 7 levels
VipNet – 8 levels (12,000 sqm)
Croatian Bishops Council - New administrative centre of Catholic Church in Croatia
Donje Svetice - 10,000 sqm office building over several levels
Recro - 13,500 sqm office building over several levels
NetCity - 12,000 sqm office building over several levels

Vrbani 3 – Multi building apartment project
Vrbani (POS) – Multi building apartment project
Hypo-Qart Apartments – 4 building complex
Zvonimir Centar – Multi building complex. 334 apartments in buildings ranging from 5 to 7 levels
Heruč Apartment Complex – 4 interconnected buildings off Kvaternik’s Square. 6 levels above retail podium. (22,000 sqm on ex-Lipa Mill site)
Bednjanska street – 9 level apartment complexes
Safir-Telur Complex – 8 levels. Next to recently completed Grand Centar
AdriaInvest – 8 level apartment complex in Martinovka
Ilica 191 - New 7 level apartment / commercial complex
VMD Apartment Complex - 6 level multi building complex
Zavrtnica - Hypo bank site - multi building apartment project
Branimir Grad – Croatia Osiguranje development to house serviced apartments for the elderly in multiple buildings on Knez Borna & Branimirova Streets
TKZ Site – Redevelopment of former industrial site opposite Trg Pravde to accommodate 625 apartments in 3 buildings housing 1900 new residents. Being built by Konstruktor on behalf of property firm owned by Nikica Valentic (former Croatian minister). 4.5 hectare site bounded by Gradišćanskoj, Cankarevom, Selskoj & Ulica Baruna Filipovića streets. Total floor space including 25 level office tower is 118,000 sqm LINK
Odra – 300 new apartments on 20,000 sqm site. Phase 1 completion in 2007. Phase 2 in 2008.
Habitus Villas – 11 buildings in Sveti Duh district housing luxury apartments
Medvedgrad Apartments – 90 luxury apartments in 15 buildings
Srebrenjak – 16 urban villas

City Center Zagreb - New 45,000 sqm multi-level shopping complex. Includes new German department store ‘Peek & Cloppenburg’
Avenue Mall (GTC International) – New 32,000 sqm multi-level shopping complex in Novi Zagreb
Zagreb Shopping City – 1,000,000 sqm complex includes retail, offices and entertainment zone all-in-one. Stage 1 commences early 2007.
Billa Centre – 7 levels on retail podium – Heinzelova Street
Mercator’s Ljubljanska Centre – Retail podium which includes a 8 level apartment complex on Ljubljanska Street (38,000 sqm)
Prebendarski Vrtovi – New shopping center in Tkalčićeva street opposite popular Kaptol Centre. Includes office and luxury apartments
Veletržnica – Central Markets in Žitnjak. New halls totaling 38,000 sqm in size
Mandi (Mercatonne) Centar - New 72,000 sqm shopping centre in eastern Zagreb on Slavonska street. Gruppo Zamparini is the developer. Its scheduled to open in Spring 2007 with 50 retail outlets and a huge supermarket LINK

Rebro Hospital – Expansion to be completed by 2008
Emergency Control Centre – 6 levels
Justice Square - New legal district for Zagreb
Kvaternik's Square – Redevelopment of Zagreb’s second largest public square. Includes multi level underground garage
Faculty of Philosophy Library – 7 levels

Hotel International – 13 levels
Zagreb Airport Hotel & Business Centre – Being built by Cuubus Austria

Maksimir Stadium – Scheduled for completion in 2009. The new Maksimir Stadium will seat 52,000 spectators. Architect Branko Kincl released the new modified design July 2006 which includes retracting roof and also pitch. Built in special lighting effects feature in the new design. LINK
Handball Complex Špansko
Svetice Olympic Pool
Vrbik Ping-Pong Centre – To hold 2007 World Championship (12,000 sqm)

Zagreb – Sisak Motorway via Velika Gorica (South Zagreb)
Zagreb – Karlovac (Bosiljevo) Motorway widening to 6 lanes
Domovinski Bridge
Sopnica Station - New suburban station with completion planned for late 2007 LINK
Zapadni Kolodvor (Zagreb West Station) - Renovation
Sveučilišna Aleja - widening of important cross road (runs beside new EuroTowers)
Savskoj Opatovina - New rotor/intersection
Radničkoj - Road extension towards new Domovinski Bridge towards city centre. 4 lanes includes section for future tramway/light rail LINK
Nova Branimirova – Road expansion / extension – Phase 2 underway
Zagreb Suburban Rail Expansion - On going upgrade of suburban rail network. Platforms on all existing stations currently being lengthened to 160m to accommodate new trains. New stations, new lines, new trains with elevated and underground lines – Annoucement expected in September 2007

Museum of Contemporary Arts (MCA)
Zagreb Centre for Dance
Zagreb Histrionics Centre
Jadran Films – New 3500 sqm film studio in conjunction with Fortitude Entertainment Hollywood


EuroTower 1 – 26 levels LINK
HOTO Tower – 16 levels
Centar Projekt (Privredna banka Zagreb) – 11 levels
VMD Centre – 9 levels
Grand Centre – 9 levels
Svetica Office Building – 9 levels
Boston Global Centre – 6 levels
Emporion Centre – 6 levels
InGrad Complex – 6 levels
VMD Promet – 9 levels
Croatia Osiguranje – 7 levels
Siget Office Building – 7 levels
Eurocentre – 6 levels
Europapress – 6 levels
Pliva Institute – 6 levels
Volksbank Office Bldg - 6 levels
Savska 3 – 4 levels

Hotoville – Largest private residential (inc shopping centre)
Špansko (POS) – 30 building apartment project

Hoto (Shopping) Center - 50,000 sqm
Kika Department Store – 30,000 sqm

Josip Lang Square Underground parking complex – 5 levels

Hotel Antunovic – 9 levels
Bundek Lakes - Upgrade of existing park to include new leisure facilities

Utrina Swimming Complex – Completed
Centar Dodir – Largest centre in South-Eastern Europe for deaf & blind citizens.

Jankomirski Bridge – Duplication of existing bridge
Junction Slavonska/Heinzelova
Čulinec Station upgrade
Gajnice Station upgrade


Neboder (Ilica 1) – 17 levels – Reconstruction / Renovation


Zagreb City Council Tower – 20 levels (revival of 50 year old plan to house the city government)
Euroherc Tower – Additional 5 levels on existing 9 level tower. New total height – 14 levels
Vukovarska 296a – 9 levels

Sesvete (POS) - New housing estate including 3000+ new apartments. Construction commences soon LINK
Oranice (POS) - New housing estate for up to 33,000 new residents. Adjacent to Vrbani. Medium to High density multi level apartment bldgs (9 level limits) - In Planning.
New Jarun apartment complex (13 buildings)
Sesvetski Kraljevac (Naselje Iver) - Degrad is building 1000 apartments in 25x 4 level apartment blocks that will house 3000 new residents. In addition the estate will include a school, sports hall, small shopping centre, swimming pool amongst other public facilities. A new rail station is also planned for Sesvetski Kraljevac to provide quick public transportation access into central Zagreb LINK
Savskoj Opatovina - New apartment zone in preparation.

Mimara Underground parking complex
Tuškanac Underground parking complex (5 levels)
Branimirova Markets – Reconstruction and restoration

Handball Complex Svetice
Savice Lakes - Renewal of nature reserve with new sporting facilities. 2006/2007 start

Zagreb Airport Passenger Terminal - New 65,000 sqm International Airport Terminal with 11 airbridges to replace current one that is close to capacity. Currently going through final design phase. Expected completion once construction commences is 2011. To cost approx 212 million euros
Šarengradska Project – New roadway from Jadranski Bridge to Cibona Tower
Sesvetski Kraljevac Station - Part of new adjacent housing estate to commence early 2007. LINK

Zagreb Academy of Music
Zagreb Gallery of Naive Arts


Office Tower – 35 levels on site of former Croatia Bus factory on Vukovarska Street. Being built by Graditelj Invest. Includes 850 new apartments in various sized adjacent buildings. Zagreb’s possible new tallest skyscraper!
Office Tower – 35 levels on Heinzelova Street. Zagreb’s second possible new tallest skyscraper!
Bank of Zagreb Tower – 30 levels
Hypo-Alpe-Adria Bank Proposal - New tower proposed on south-western corner of Ljubljanska-Selska intersection. Going through architectural design phase. Tower to include in excess of 22,000 sqm new floor space over approx 20+ levels. It has been announced that Ljubljanska-Slavonska will accomodate tall towers on each corner of major intersections along this road. LINK
Congress Centre Tower – 22 levels
Njivice Office Tower – 18 levels on Rujničke & Krivajske Streets
Raiffesen Bank Tower – 15 levels
Siemens Site – 9 level Tower
Jadran Site – Office Tower Complex
Zagrebčanka Site – 100,000sqm site – Multi tower proposals
Parmolin Site – 19C industrial conversion
Buzin Central Business District (CBD) – New secondary Zagreb CBD. 5 skyscrapers and other various sized buildings
Gredelj Site - Industrial conversion of site to a new commercial zone. Total area for redevelopment is 130,000 sqm
Old Zagreb Stadium - Re-use of site to allow construction of 2 new skyscraper office towers and a bunch of low rise office complexes. Located in Kranjčevićeva Street, this site is very close to Cibona office tower
Veliko Polje - New commercial zone which is adjacent to Buzin in southern Zagreb near Airport. This is an expansion of popular Buzin trade zone which will include a further 260,000sqms of floor space in various new buildings
Hippodrome – Relocation to outer Zagreb in order to free up south bank of the Sava for new housing estate.
Martinovka – Complete redevelopment of this inner city location (110,000 sqm) on the south side of main east-west rail line. Extension of Zagreb CBD to include new office towers, retail and apartments. (See also Gredelj Redevelopment)
Dubrava – Multi building housing project
Dubokom Jarku – 2700 new apartments in 50 buildings. Location is north of Sesvete, near Popovac. (East Zagreb)

Mayor Bandić Apartment Program – Development on 7 locations across Zagreb to provide affordable housing for families and new immigrants. Total site development is 400,000 sqm (5 of 7 locations mentioned below)
Savice – Low cost multi building housing (1000 apartments) – Mayor Bandić Program
Borongaj – Low cost multi building housing (1000 apartments) – Mayor Bandić Program
Podbrežje – Low cost multi building housing (2000 apartments) – Mayor Bandić Program
Sesvete – Low cost multi building housing (2000 apartments) – Mayor Bandić Program
Borovoj - Low cost multi building housing (1500 apartments) – Mayor Bandić Program LINK
Njivice – 17 hectare site south of Vukovarska street to be transformed into new residential area by Geoprojekt. Proposed are 1900 new apartments for 5300 residents. Passing through the site is the extension of Strojarska Street which will lead to one of the 2 new Sava bridges.
Folnegovićevo naselje – New multi level apartment complexes up to 10 levels tall
Rudeš – Apartment complex for 1500 new residents including small retail centre.
Ghetaldusa Site – Former industrial site redevelopment into 850 new apartments. 12 hectare site on Ulica Grad Gospića
Elektrodi Site – Former industrial site redevelopment on Vukovarska Street
Bundek Lakes - New multi-building apartment/retail/commercial project adjacent to new recreational park in New Zagreb. Proposal by Kerum consortium. To be built by Konstruktor, commencing 2007
Pastor Site - Existing factory producing firefighting equipment will be relocating to new facilities by 2009. Site in Selskoj street to be redeveloped into 4 new buildings, 3 apartment buildings and 1 office building

Kings Cross Lanište – New 65,000 sqm multi-level shopping centre in the suburb of Lanište
Zagreb Fair – Huge shopping and entertainment complex next to Zagreb Exhibition Complex
Marićev Prolaz - Extension of retail arcade running parallel with main Ban Jelačić Square
Kino Zagreb Site – City centre site redevelopment into retail podium with luxury apartments above
Hidrocomerc Shopping Centre – Huge new 100,000 sqm shopping complex located adjacent to new Zagreb – Sisak motorway (see Buzin CBD project above)
Vrbani Shopping Centre – 30,000 sqm shopping centre in new Vrbani suburb. Being built by former Croatian tennis star Bruno Orešar ZAGREB CONSTRUCTION UPDATE[/B]]LINK

Zagreb Congress Centre
University Hospital – Huge hospital construction to resume after site being dormant for 15 years
Trešnjevska Square – Redevelopment
Zagreb University – Extension of campus onto former Borongaj army barracks. 900,000 sqm site

Aqua City – Thermal Spa and Aquatic Centre
Terme Zagreb – 50 million euro project
Sljeme Cable Car - Expansion with new gondolas
Sports & Recreation Complex Sesvete
Sports & Recreation Complex ‘Chromos Savica’ - new facilites that include a new highrise hotel
Sports & Recreation Complex Dubrava ‘Grana Klaka’

Zagreb Metro – Annoucement expected in September 2007
New Sava Bridge - Spanning Sava River to connect Ulica Republika Njemačka with New Zagreb - In Planning with possible 2006 start
New Sava Bridge – Second bridge spanning Sava River to connect Vatikanska & Vrapčanska roads on either sides of the river - In Planning with possible 2006 start
Medvednice Tunnel - New northern motorway that passes beneath Medvednice Mountains behind Zagreb
Zagreb na Savi - Huge Sava River re-development to regulate river flow and hence allow new residential and commercial development right up on the riverfront on both banks. A new exciting project that will change the look of Zagreb for ever

Zagreb’s Great Synagogue & Jewish Museum
Catholic Church – Trnjanskoj Savici

Zagreb Modern Opera – In planning
Zagreb Museum of Architecture - In planning
Zagreb Musuem of Natural History - In planning
Zagreb Musuem of Sport - In planning
Badel Exhibition Centre - In planning
New Musuem of Croatian History - In Planning
Museum - War Memorial of Independence War - In Planning


Erste Bank Tower – 26 levels

* If you happen to find an unlisted project that is worth an attention and discussions, feel free to pm me or post projects in this thread, and I will add them to the list above. Thanks.


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Everybody is welcome to contribute and participate in this thread - so enjoy yourself, dear folks. :)

P.S. - spammers, and trolls go home! :baeh3:

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sale said:
i think one of the best ways to show that you are cosmopolitain is not to be offended by lux's comments.

it seems lux wants whats best for zagreb and there is no harm in criticism. zagreb could always be better.

i've lived in zagreb and i have family there. i've also travelled a far bit, and i cant tell you one thing for sure, zagreb is the most cosmopolitan city in ex-YU. its also the most polite city in the area. there is just no comparison. ljubljana is a village in comparison. belgarade..... well i wont even go into it.

but in comparison to places like prague and budapest... well, they are a long way ahead..... after all, they have been swamped by tourists and immigrants since 1989. zagreb had bombs falling in 1995. croatia had only been a democracy for about 5 years. but its all coming together very well and very quickly.

but what is the test for cosmopolitanism. ..... i think zagreb can truly call it self "cosmo", when turks can open a restaurant, blacks freely walk down the street and rabbi's dont have nazi salutes directed at them. but the best test will be when serbs can celebrate serbia day in jelacic platz.

also personally i think the "original" zagreb people are the furthest down this path. the diaspora is very diverse, and culturally very varied. the village people from other parts of croatia are another story altogether.

thats my take on the cultural bit... the construction is going wery well. big thumbs up.
You have some very good points, sale. Thers is no harm in criticism at all. What makes me angry is bashing the city without any valid argument. We are not so arogant that we are not aware of bad sides of Zagreb. We are completely aware that Zagreb is not Budapest nor Prague and that it will never be. Zagreb is historicaly, politicaly and economicaly less importan than these cities.

Regarding cosmopolitanism, it is interesting to notice that according to police department 30.000 foreigners (non-citizens of Croatia) live in Zagreb, plus ordinary national minorities (citizens of Croatia) like Albanians, Serbs, Bosniaks, Macedonians, Montenegrins and others who make about 10 % of population of Zagreb.
For example I work in big German company in Zagreb with many Germans, but our general manager is Bosniak. The former manager was Slovene. Etc etc.

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Ok, back to projects…

NATJEČAJ Traži se urbanističko-arhitektonsko rješenje za novo naselje

Podbrežje - naselje za 6000 stanovnika

Kako će izgledati novo naselje Podbrežje u Novom Zagrebu, koje se planira graditi po zagrebačkom modelu stanogradnje znat će se nakon 19. rujna, kada završava natječaj za urbanističko-arhitektonsko rješenje koji je preko Društva arhitekata Zagreb raspisalo Gradsko poglavarstvo.

Kvadrat 1300 eura

Zanimanje urbanista za taj projekt iznimno je veliko. Prema podacima DAZ-a može se očekivati više od dvadeset natječajnih radova koji će pokazati mogućnosti gradnje na tom prostoru. No, već se zna prema programu za natječaj, koji je izradio Zavod za prostorno planiranje u suradnji s Uredom za strategijski razvoj grada, da bi u Podbrežju trebalo biti oko 2000 stanova za 5500 do 6000 stanovnika. Kvadrat stana, procijenili su gradski oci, stajao bi oko 1300 eura.

Mogućnost stanovanja u Podbrežju, ako je suditi po upitima koji o početku gradnje stižu u našu redakciju, privlačna je velikom broju Zagrepčana. Rokovi nisu ustvrđeni, ali gradnja bi, ne bude li zastoja, mogla početi za godinu dana. Nakon natječaja koji će precizirati mogućnosti gradnje, radit će se detaljniji urbanistički plan o kojem se mora provesti i javna rasprava. Kad se usvoji plan slijedi projektiranje zgrada, ishođenje dozvola i natječaj za izvođače.

Kako će se, prema kojim kriterijima i kome prodavati stanovi, još se ne zna.. Zasad se prema programu natječaja zna da će u naselju biti dva tipa stambenih zgrada na sjevernom dijelu osmerokatnice, na južnom dvokatnice, a oblikovanje škole i vrtića prepušteno je prijedlogu natjecatelja.

Garaže pod zemljom

Za svaki stan bit će osigurano najmanje jedno parkirališno mjesto, za ostale zgrade parkirališta će se osigurati prema normativima GUP-a, ali bi polovicu parkirališnih mjesta trebalo smjestiti u podzemnoj etaži zgrada, ili u zasebnoj garaži. Glavne ulice u naselju odredit će trase produljene Vatikanske, te Cimermanove i Horvatove ulice, a naselje će se s javnim gradskim prijevozom povezati autobusima i željeznicom.

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Dal netko zna kada ce poceti izgradnja ovog velebnog shopping centra kraj Zapresica...... Cesto prolazim onuda...i vec godinama prazna ledina. A navodno je vec sve trebalo biti gotovo.

Inace u planu je ne samo shopping mall, nego cijeli poslovni centar sa raznim firmama, pa jos nekoliko specijaliziranih shopping centara, multipleks kino, pa razni zabavno ugostiteljski sadrzaji i jos svasta lijepoga sto bi moglo privuci ne samo nase Zagorce..nego i Slovence ..

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long foot said:
You have some very good points, sale. Thers is no harm in criticism at all. What makes me angry is bashing the city without any valid argument. We are not so arogant that we are not aware of bad sides of Zagreb. We are completely aware that Zagreb is not Budapest nor Prague and that it will never be. Zagreb is historicaly, politicaly and economicaly less importan than these cities.

Regarding cosmopolitanism, it is interesting to notice that according to police department 30.000 foreigners (non-citizens of Croatia) live in Zagreb, plus ordinary national minorities (citizens of Croatia) like Albanians, Serbs, Bosniaks, Macedonians, Montenegrins and others who make about 10 % of population of Zagreb.
For example I work in big German company in Zagreb with many Germans, but our general manager is Bosniak. The former manager was Slovene. Etc etc.
Zagreb je krajem, a cak i do II. sv. rata bio vise kozmo nego sada.
Ne samo da su u njemu bile manje vise sve vaznije multinacionalke, osiguravajuca drustva ( Asicurazioni Generali je sagradio onu zgradu na Jelacic placu, a imao je jos 5 zgrada na Zrinjevcu...tek je prije 3 godine ponovo prisutan u HR ), banke, koje se tek sada polako vracaju, nego je u ducanima bila roba sa zakasnjenjem od mozda tjedan dana, ista kao u Milanu, Parizu i Londonu. Danas imamo proslogodisnje modele u ducanima B serije kao Benetton, Stefanel ..... a Gucci, Bulgari, Prada .. i ostala kompanija jos ne namjeravaju otvarati predstavnistva kod nas.
Nego je grad pulsirao strancima ( odnosno domacima ljudima stranoga podrijetla ) Talijani su drzali zlatarne, slasticarne ,ljekarne, foto studija, Zidovi razne ducane, stedionice, Njemci su bili drzavni sluzbenici, pisari, odvjetnici..Srbi oficiri i zandari :bash: , Bugari su uzgajali povrce na Zitnjaku i Tresnjevci. A Hrvati su radili od svega pomalo. ( kao domicilni narod, ipak su najvise dali pripadnika radnicke klace ) Jos uvijek medju starim Agramerima postoje talijanska, njemacka, madjarska prezimena ..iako ih je mnogo otislo nakon dolaska komunista. Sad imamo Kozmo samo na kiosku :)

Zato su mi smijesni ovi nasi desnicari i EUskeptici sa pricama o stranom prisustvu u HR...kako ce nas okupirati... fuj novo vrazije cudo .. Svega je to bilo vec kod nas u vrijeme kad je Hrvatskom vladala trzisna ekonomija ...koja se sad u obliku iz vremena Franje Josipa ...ili cak gorem. Mislim da su sindikati onda bili jaci .... bar se strajkalo kako treba

Posto kazes da u Beograd ne bi niti isao, a ja tebi kazem da je zadnjih par godina medju Zagrebackim studentima uzasno popularno ici u BG.... sve vise i vise cujem mlade kako sa odusevljenjem pricaju o zabavi i ozracju toga grada. Doduse ja jos nisam bio, ne znam ni kada cu ici, ako cu ici to je fakt.

Sve je pokrenuo EXit u Novome Sadu prije 5 godina.. i od tada svakoga ljeta...ali i u druga doba godine mladi ZG intelektualci idu na istok,a bogami i oni hrle na zapad. Mislim da ce se u buducnosti ta dva grada dosta povezati ( ponajprije zbog jezika ), al ovaj put dobrovoljno...bez forsanja i politickih okova ...spontano .

Mislim da ce oni ipak vise ici kod nas, nego mi kod njih ..ipak smo mi zapad ..he he he :D

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Gdje ja to kažem da ne bih išao u BG? Kad budem imao prilike/vremena ću otići. Ne žuri mi se doduše, jer ima puno gradova koje treba posjetiti.
Ali ne bih rekao da su mladi u ZG-u nešto posebno zainteresirani za odlazak u BG. Još nisam čuo nikoga da kaže kako žarko želi ići tamo. O tome uostalom govori i činjenica da nijedna turistička agencija ne nudi organizirano putovanje u Srbiju. Ne kažem da ih uskoro neće biti, ali sad ih nema. Uostalom kakve to veze ima s ovom temom? Govorimo o ZG-u, ne o tome koliko ljudi putuje u Srbiju.

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Sjeverna Obilaznica i Denivelacija Ljubljanske i SLavonske

Prometni spas za Zagreb
Nova cesta spojit će autoceste za Varaždin i Krapinu
Gradonačelnik Milan Bandićem potpisao je u četvrtak sporazum s Građevinskim fakultetom na čelu s Đurđicom Bjedović, o izradi urbanističko-prometne studije za sjevernu obilaznicu. Grad će studiju platiti 2,4 milijuna kuna, a stručnjaci s Građevinskog fakuleteta obvezali su se da će ona biti dovršena u roku šest mjeseci.
Sjeverna obilaznica predviđena je u dužini od 25 kilometara, a trebala bi spojiti autocestu za Varaždin i autocestu za Krapinu.
S obzirom na to da se prethodnih mjeseci govorilo o dvije moguće trase sjeverne obilaznice – sjevernom i južnom stranom Sljemena – Branko Kincl, voditelj projekta, za Vjesnik je to opovrgnuo rekavši da je nagađanje o sjevernoj strani »čista glupost«. »Kako će se ići sjevernom stranom kad je Sljeme zaštićeni krajolik i Park prirode«, rezolutan je Kincl.
»Trasa bi trebala ići južnom stranom Sljemena, po pribrežnom dijelu Zagreba, od udoline između Sljemena i zagorskih bregova pa prema jugu«, rekao je za Vjesnik Branko Kincl. Dodaje kako će se prilikom izrade trase poštovati i uvažavati sve činjenice, kao što su zaštićeni objekti kulture i prirode te materijalna dobra.
»Cilj je da se to gore dobro prometno riješi, da se povežu sve bolnice, fakulteti i škole koje su na tom potezu«, objašnjava Kincl. Budući da će spajati autoputove za Varaždin i Krapinu, sjeverna obilaznica bit će i u funkciji poveznice.
Sjeverna tangenta omogućiti će cjelovitu urbanističku valorizaciju sjevernog prostora i omogućit će njegov brži razvoj. »Na taj način Zagreb se vraća na padine Sljemena, otkuda se grad i počeo formirati«, rekao je Kincl. Uz to, on smatra, da će se izgradnjom obilaznice bitno rasteretiti promet u centru, te da će njom profitirati i cijelo područje od Podsuseda do Sesveta, jer će se povećati i vrijednost toga urbanističkog prostora i kvaliteta života u tom dijelu grada. »Možda ovo nije najskuplji projekt koje se namjerava raditi u Zagrebu, ali je svakako jedan od najvrednijih, jer će grad i građani od njega imati višestruke koristi«, objašnjava Kincl.
Gradonačelnik Milan Bandić rekao je na konferenciji za novinare kako Zageb može živjeti bez »luknje«, odnosno tunela kroz Medvednicu, ali da bez sjeverne obilaznice ne može. Tek što je to izgovorio, upala mu je u riječ dekanica Građevinskog fakulteta Đurđica Bjedović, koja je rekla kako bi, prema prvim projekcijama, tunel kroz Medvednicu bio itekako isplativ projekt.
Pročelnik Ureda za strategijsko planiranje i razvoj Grada Slavko Dakić napomenuo je kako će sve stručnjake, koji izrađuju studije za sjevernu obilaznicu, tunel kroz Medevednicu, željeznički čvor, zagrebački metro, mostove itd., okupiti na jednom savjetovanju kako bi se došlo do cjelovitog rješenja. Taj trust mozgova političarima će omogućiti lakšu odluku o pitanjima koji će odrediti prometnu sudbinu Zagreba.

Predlozena denivelacija Ljubljanske avenije
Predložena denivelacija Ljubljanske, Zagrebačke i Petrovaradinske kao načina rješavanja prometnog kolapsa u ovome dijelu grada. Useljenje u POS naselje Špansko- do veljače 2006. Iduće godine proširenje Škorpikove i gradnja Jankomirskog mosta. Savska Opatovina dobiva vodu i plin
- Već sada jedva izdržljivo prometno zagušenje u zapadnom dijelu Zagreba na izlazu iz naselja Špansko i na Ljubljanskoj aveniji, izgradnjom POS naselja- što znači doseljavanje novih 5.000 stanovnika- postat će katastrofom. Upozorili su to vijećnici gradske četvrti Stenjevec predvođeni predsjednikom vijeća Mariom Jelićem, prilikom obilaska naselja u izgradnji.
Predložili su gradskim čelnicima, koje je predvodio Milan Bandić da se u gradske planove i projekte što prije stavi denivelacija Ljubljanske avenije te Zagrebačke i Petrovaradinske ulice, kao jedini način rješavanja prometnog kolapsa u ovome dijelu grada.

Mislim da su ova dva projekta od najveceg znacenja sto se cestovnog prometa tice. S time da bi se trebalo ici na denivelaciju i ostalih raskrsca u Ljubljanskoj i Slavonskoj, gdje je to moguce, a ostala raskrsca treba ukinuti i napraviti samo ulaze iz svakoga smijera. Naravno trebalo bi jos sagraditi pjesacke nadhodnike ili podhodnike ( npr. ona dva semafora prije i poslije Selske treba ukinuti i napraviti lijepo dizajniran pjesacki nadhodnik. slican onome preko pruge u Kustosiji, samo ne tako ruzan. To je jeftino a efikasno rijesenje.... po mogucnosti sa pokretnim stepenicama ili liftom za invalide i starce ) I prolaz kroz grad bi bio rijesen.
Naravno da treba i dovrsiti sve one slijepe ulice koje ne vode nigdje kao sto su Bastijanova, Zagorska, Medarska, I.B. Mazuranic.

Opet vam govorim da se u Zagrebu zadnjih 15 g. nije napravila niti jedna nova cesta ( osim Horvacanske ) , a kamoli avenija ili autocesta. Lako je vama biti u opijenoj euforiji u Australiji, Kanadi i Njemackoj ... ja zivim u ovome gradu i ludim kako sve sporo ide.. a ono sto rade naprave sa 1000 gresaka ( trebate vidjeti biciklisticku stazu na novoj Skorpikovoj, rubnjak je spusten 3 metra desno od staze, i tako 10 svakom raskrscu ili prijelazu...kao da je pijanac sve to radio ) , jer nam urbanisti dolaze iz Spickovine, a gradski oci sa Dinarida gdje su gledali samo kozije staze, pa ne znaju sto znaci gradska avenija. I plus vole sebe, sebe i samo sebe i svoj djep...a fucka im se za grad u gradjane.

otišao i neće se vratiti
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Ako misle sagraditi naselje za 6000 ljudi, morat će sagraditi barem 30 zgrada kao i u Španskom. Samo da ne zaseru s izvedbom kao u Španskom.

@Astroboy, it is great location, it is close to main intersection in Novi Zagreb (Av Dubrovnik-Av Većeslava Holjevca) where new museum and Avenue Mall are located. That is also the nearest tram station but there are also buses lines on Av Većeslava Holjevca. See corrected map which I posted.

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Nije bilo ozbiljne kontrole kvalitete izvedbe pa su izvođači (privatne firme) ugrađivali najjeftinije materijale, tako da neke zgrade uopće nisu bile useljive nakon izgradnje, već su se odmah morali obavljati popravci. NPR neke zgrade su prokišnjavale, a na Borovju je prije koju godinu vjetar odnio krov s jedne zgrade koju je država izgradila za znanstvene novake. Puno ljudi se žalilo na izvedbu. Uglavnom, zgrade izvana dobro izgledaju, ali kakve su iznutra znaju samo stanari. Ali opet ako uzmeš u obzir da je kvadrat u tim zgradama koštao oko 1000€, dok se komercijalna cijena bliži 2000€, još uvijek se ljudima isplati kupiti takav stan.

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^^ svasta, koji debili dobijaju poslove. Svejedno ako se grade takvi socijalni stanovi opet trebaju biti solidnog kvaliteta posto grad time stedi na duze staze (bespotrebne popravke itd... ;) ).
A da lepo izgledaju to jeste!

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Istina. Da se mene pita, firma koja jednom nije obavila posao kako treba ne bi više mogla dobiti nijedan posao na javnom natječaju, pa bi ostali izvođači pazili. Međutim, tu očito nikoga ne smeta što neke firme konstantno loše izvode radove, a ipak dobivaju nove poslove.
Npr. Industrogradnja već 2 godine kasni s izgradnjom Domovinskog mosta (trebao je biti otvoren još 2005), a ipak od grada i dalje dobiva nove poslove.

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A kad smo već kod Domovinskog mosta, ovu vijest smo nekako previdjeli ;)

28. srpnja 2006. - započela gradnja spojne ceste od Domovinskog mosta do obilaznice :cheers:

Početkom studenoga ove godine Zagreb bi trebao dobiti još jedan ulaz i izlaz u jugoistočni dio grada, rekao je gradonačelnik Zagreba Milan Bandić otvarajući danas radove na gradnji Spojne ceste između Domovinskog mosta i obilaznice, što će, također, pridonijeti boljoj prometnoj slici Grada. Do tada će biti dovršen i Domovinski most, a Hrvatske ceste bi trebale izgraditi spoj nove prometnice na autocestu.
Koridor ceste duge 740 metara, varira od 55 do 62 metra, a unutar koridora predviđena su dva jednosmjerna kolnika široka po 7,5 metara, srednji pojas od 10,5 metara za buduće šinsko vozilo, pješačke i biciklističke staze i zeleni pojas. U planu je i gradnja pješačke i biciklističke staze prema Kosnici, a na vanjskom istočnom rubu koridora predviđen je i poljoprivredni put za pristup obradivim površinama kao zamjena za dosadašnji pristup. Unutar koridora ceste prolazit će kanalizacija, vodovodne, plinovodne, elektroenergetske i telefonske instalacije. Investicija je vrijedna 30 milijuna kuna.

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AstroBoy said:
Lux, stop making trouble. We dont want your discussions here! :mad:
long foot said:
Kad malo razmislim, veća sam ja budala što uopće diskutiram s tobom. Dobrodošao na moju ignore listu.

Ja nikoga ne namjeravam stavljati na ignore listu, narocito ne zbog nedostatka argumenata i cinjenica.

Covijek ne moze malo kritizirati grad u kojem se sve mice puzevim korakom
( ok od puzevog je presao u korak stare rage u zadnje 3 godine ), a da ga odmah ne nazivaju budalom, stavljaju na ignore listu i prijete mu ....

Mislim da imam to pravo, pogotovo jer sam rodjen u tom gradu. Vec sam 3. generacija.

Uostalom promijenio sam temu vec postom o Slavonskoj i sjevernoj obilaznici.

Nikoga od vas uvdje nisam nazivao budala ili nesto slicno... samo kritiziram sporost i neucinkovitost nasih gradskih vodja i nezadovoljavam se prosjekom .... zasto ne bi smo bili pri vrhu ?!??!

Imao bi stosta reci i o svim tim novim zgradama koje se grade u zednje vrijeme .... kako dizajnom kasne nekih 10- 15 godina za necu zbog mira u kuci :) :)

Kad se pocnu raditi zgrade u Zagrebu kao sto se rade u Njemackoj ili Nizozemskoj ..onda cu biti zadovoljan.... pa ne trebaju onda biti vece od 15 katova .

Kod nas jos uvijek misle da ako su napravili zgradu obucenu u staklo..da su napravili svjetsko cudo . Zasto nema nitko hrabrosti napraviti novi dizajn, nepravilne oblike, mjesavinu stilova .. nekakvu cyber neo gotiku, ili zgradu u obliku bonsay drveta, jedra, suplje cijevi ...sto ti ja znam ??

Znam.. reci ce te... pa budi sretan da se i ovo gradi ... imali smo rat, sto fali ovim zgradama....

Nekada smo imali Bollea .... a hocemo li sada dovuci arhitekte tipa Hundertwassera (mrtav), Piana, Tangea, Fuksasa, Rossia ???

Zasto nasi mladi arhitekti koji pobijedjuju na medjunarodnim natjecajima nemaju pristupa Zagrebu i Hrvatskoj, nego rade vani ?

Imali uopce koji arhitekt na ovom forumu ??

I onda vi meni govorite o nasem kozmopolitizmu i naprednosti
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