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ZAGREB - construction update

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Thanks to my friend Alberto, and with a bit of research, there are now a number of towers on the rise in central Zagreb Croatia, focused on the 2 main streets of Savska & Vukovarska.

Currently next door to the existing 22 storey Cibona tower, work is nearing completion of Stage 1 of the HOTO Business Tower which will house Croatia Telecom. Work has reached level nine, but the original height of the tower which was to be at 21 storeys, may be scaled back to 15 stories due to a stuff up in the number of underground car spaces. After many years, Cibona Tower will have a new neighbour .....

HOTO Business Tower - 32 Savska, Zagreb

Work was approved last month for the construction nearby of 2 commercial towers on Vukovarska Ulica. One tower will be 12 storeys, while the second will be double its size at 25 stories.

However, the best is yet to come. Zagreb may in fact allow for Europes tallest tower at 376 metres & at a whopper 104 stories under proposal to be built. Although I am sceptical of such a huge building rising above the old Hapsburg quarter of Zagreb.

Here is the link to the story courtesy of ALBERTO, the article unfortuanetly is in Croatian .....

The rise in building permits recently for such towers has caused a crisis in Zagreb City Council which is rushing to finalise a master plan for the CBD. Zagreb City Council up until last month was anti-highrise, but has given into demand by local developers and foreign investors.

Old neighbour Cibona Tower (22 storeys) .......

Cibona Tower, Hotel Opera, Arts and Crafts Museum

Old friends - Zagrebcanka & Cibona Towers
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Sin city, where is location of this future offce building? which street or district??
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