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ZAGREB - construction update

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Thanks to my friend Alberto, and with a bit of research, there are now a number of towers on the rise in central Zagreb Croatia, focused on the 2 main streets of Savska & Vukovarska.

Currently next door to the existing 22 storey Cibona tower, work is nearing completion of Stage 1 of the HOTO Business Tower which will house Croatia Telecom. Work has reached level nine, but the original height of the tower which was to be at 21 storeys, may be scaled back to 15 stories due to a stuff up in the number of underground car spaces. After many years, Cibona Tower will have a new neighbour .....

HOTO Business Tower - 32 Savska, Zagreb

Work was approved last month for the construction nearby of 2 commercial towers on Vukovarska Ulica. One tower will be 12 storeys, while the second will be double its size at 25 stories.

However, the best is yet to come. Zagreb may in fact allow for Europes tallest tower at 376 metres & at a whopper 104 stories under proposal to be built. Although I am sceptical of such a huge building rising above the old Hapsburg quarter of Zagreb.

Here is the link to the story courtesy of ALBERTO, the article unfortuanetly is in Croatian .....

The rise in building permits recently for such towers has caused a crisis in Zagreb City Council which is rushing to finalise a master plan for the CBD. Zagreb City Council up until last month was anti-highrise, but has given into demand by local developers and foreign investors.

Old neighbour Cibona Tower (22 storeys) .......

Cibona Tower, Hotel Opera, Arts and Crafts Museum

Old friends - Zagrebcanka & Cibona Towers
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Slovenija said:
WOW! Another one. I must have missed this one by accident.

I love the curves of this one. Indeed SinCity, great work.

I can see the Serbs getting jealous. All Belgrade has is the odd pissy building they have under construction. Most of them are not even proper towers. They are only a couple of levels high.

Even Sarajevo is doing very well, the Bosmal Twins are the former Jugoslavia's tallest towers ever.

Hey Croats, want to give me a couple of these beauties for Ljubljana???????????? ;)
If we give you one or two, what will you give us in return ????? ;)

Just kidding Slovene! :)
Yeah, I heard about the new 4000 seat Convention Centre planned for Zagreb. They originally wanted it @ the Zagreb Fair location, but it looks like they want to build it next to Hotel Opera.

I read somewhere that Zagreb is fast becoming a centre for major international conventions, especially with Japanese. That is why they are speeding this project up. Great stuff as always for Zagreb. We'll have to keep an eye on this
Adding other threads into the one spot ......


Work finally begins on Zagreb's (Croatia) latest commercial high rise ..... ZagrebTower.

The 22 level tower with a shorter 8 level tower has begun.

I love the eliptical design of the tower & floorplates

here are a few renders and links .........

Zagreb as the Croatian metropolis is well on its way to become a major turntable of Southeast Europe.
Situated in the immediate vicinity of the city center, the office project ZAGREB TOWER will decisively influence the future face of ZAGREB

The Location on Radnicka Cesta provides excellent links to higher-level traffic systems. It lies withhin 10 walking minutes from the railway station and the airport is reached in about 25 minutes by car.

Links .........

Online Hausverwaltung & Immobilientreuhand AG

Zagreb Tower
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Recently completed SOPOT OFFICE BUILDING ......

Just a pic of a recently complete office building in the Zagreb suburb of Sopot. It gives people an idea of the contempory architecture being used in new Croatian Commercial Buildings ......

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Construction has begun on another new retail complex in Zagreb, Croatia.

The SUPERNOVA ZAGREB will consist of 120,000 sqm of retail space, making it one of the largest in this part of Europe.

The new SUPERNOVA centre sits adjacent to the other new retail centre of "KINGS CROSS - ZAGREB" located in the inner city suburb of Jankomir.

So far a number of tennants have signed up ......

KIKA (Furniture)
Bauhaus (DIY)
BOF (Electronics)

SUPERNOVA complexes exist throughout Austria & Slovenia. More will be built throughout many other cities in Croatia.
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Thanks to a fellow forumer "LUX" from Zagreb CRO, here is information on the latest shopping / retail / business park that is soon to start construction in Zagreb Croatia. It will consist of the regions biggest shopping mall, in addition to large retail park which in turn will have an additional business & commercial park centred around 2 tall twin office towers. There are recreational facilities that will be centred around extensive parklands & waterways. This complex is located in the Northwest area of Zagreb in the suburb of Zapresic. Here are the details ......

Shopping, Entertainment and Business Park
Shopping City Zagreb
Zagreb, Croatia

ATP full service planning (ATP Vienna, ATP Zagreb) for a shopping, entertainment and business park on a 1 million square metre site, 7 km north west of Zagreb, located directly on a motorway exit (Marburg-Zagreb).
Real Estate Valuation: Spiegelfeld Immobilien GmbH and their local partners.

Total Built Areas:
Speciality Stores 160,000 m2
Shopping Centre 280,000 m2
Entertainment 280,000 m2
Offices and Business 260,000 m2
Total 700,000 m2

The Starting Point - Perspectives
Croatia, an assertive and dynamic country with clear goals, is right now one of Europe's most interesting markets. Thanks to the high level of commitment of investors and political and economical leaders and a population with a clear orientation to the future, Croatia is a country with enormous potential.
International developments underline this assessment. Not only is Croatia opening up towards the EU, but the EU itself, through specific arrangements, is preparing for a mutually beneficial future.
The Contract of Association between Croatia and the European Union (29th October 2001) gives Croatia a clear vision of its future as a member of the European Union.
The country, with its approximately 4,6 million inhabitants and its more than 1.100 islands in the Adriatic Sea is becoming an economic focus of Southern Europe.

Shopping Center Area
A Shopping Center will be constructed during the third phase on a site covering approximately 142.000 m².
The second and third construction phase will be completed in 2006.

Business Park

A Business Park will be constructed on a site covering 260.000 m². It is equally possible to purchase plots and to construct units, or to commission the building of, to rent or lease ready units.

Generous green areas and water features will guarantee an international standard and the immediate proximity to the highway underlines the ideal location for logistic, service and headquarters buildings.

Retail Park
A Retail Park will be constructed on a site covering 217.000 m². In the first phase a supermarket, building centre and furniture store will be developed. Further superstores will, in accordance with the Masterplan, be offered to sector leaders.
It is equally possible to purchase plots and to construct units, or to rent or lease ready units.

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A new complex of buildings is soon to commence construction which will cover an area of approx 10,000 sq metres.

The project will consist of
* 100 luxury apartments aimed at the over 55s (Retirees)
* 80 serviced apartments (Hotel)
* A multi level office Building
* 500 car underground parking

The location is in the city centre on the block bound by the following streets ..... Branimirova - Domagojeva - Kneza Borne - Erdšdyjeva.

Part of the design is that there will be a full time reception, concierge, cooks, cleaners, etc that will look after the filthy rich old people, both owners & guests. This project is one of a first kind planned for Zagreb.

The property developer is CROATIA OSIGURANJE which is Croatia's largest insurance firm with over 100 history. The site was once a form industrial area which has been cleared.

On top of major growth of new commercial & retail space in Zagreb, there is now a huge demand on new units which is currently been driven by low interest rates and a strong performing economy which in 2003 grew by over 5%.

More to come .......... :D
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Great project! That shopping center will be one of the largest in Europe, when completed.

Hey, in that map of Zagreb, there is a river passing through...thats Sava river, right?

I know Sava passes through Zagreb, but I have never seen a single photo of Zagreb's river areas, nor any of the Zagreb bridges...?
Yes, the Sava passes thru Zagreb, I think from memory it also passes thru Ljubljana. The Sava splits Zagreb into 2. There are a number of bridges, both vehicular and pedestrian that connect both sides ......
Could you please post some phots of those bridges?
A couple of forumers have requested planning and land distribution maps for Zagreb. As of a few days ago the Zagreb City Council has released its new plans for the city thru an interesting interactive website that looks at the wider Zagreb area under an aerial view showing all major buildings, roads, utilities, etc.

Unfortunately so far the instructions are only in Croatian, but this will change later on. To use the interactive website, simply click and drag the cursor on any part of the map. This will bring up the defined area in greater detail. You can continue to define your searches but clicking and dragging the cursor.

There are buttons below that if you select them it will show the zonings, utilities, etc that you wish to locate.

To the left is the "legend" defining the zonings of each area.

Let me know what you guys think or if you need any help.

Hint: Zagreb city centre sits above the Sava River which twists thru the middle of the city .....

Link .....
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Hmm, a nice one - really does look like Melbourne Crown Casino... Zagreb seems to have the nicest collection of new skyscrapers in South-East Europe, as far as I can see... but why not some of them built in gothic-like style with spires etc to match the cathedral? I also notice than none of them exceed the cathedral's height of 108 m....

Talking about Belgrade, where I originally come from, well the mindset there was never really towards high-rises, except in the '30's and the '70's ... I personally know both the architect of Beogradjanka and the Zapadna Kapija (the odd one on the BG-ZG highway)... with the current shitty situation, I doubt that there will be anything above 35 levels anytime soon in BG...

Hey, Slovenija, the only tower uglier than Beograd's Zapadna Kapija seems to be Ljubljana's newest and greatest World Trade Centre - I mean, couldn't they come up with a shape more creative than a tetrapak??? I love Ljubljana from its old days, but, despite your "richness" your architects can't seem to match their predecessors from "poorer" 70's and 80's ?
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Thats a great interactive map, I tried to scan down as far as the gutters but it got a bit blurry. Is it hooked up to a sattlelite?
I had a look @ that interactive map. Its pretty nifty. I tried to scan for ants but it didn't go down far enough. ;)

Anyway, some news on the 2 towers (12+26), there seems to be a screw up by Zagreb City Council in regards to the sale of the land. Part of the land sold to the developers didn't belong to the city council. Some of its going thru the court process because it belongs to someone else.

However it looks like the towers will go ahead, Zagreb city council will compensate the individual by giving them other land they own. For a short while it looked like these new towers would be delayed, but thank God theyre not ........
Here is a number of completed or under way medium to small projects in Zagreb Croatia. Just to give you all some idea of the architectural styles in use. Let me know what you guys think .......

NEW ZAGREB - Business and Shoping Center

SUNCE Business Center

SPAZ Office Building

FELIX Business and Shopping Center

CENTARPROJEKT Business Complex - Radnièka c. 42


PLANINSKA Business Center Donje Svetice

EUROCENTER Business Center

REVIZIJA Business Center

DIONA Business and Shopping center

HOSPITALIJA Business Center


CHROMOS Business and Recreation Center
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Zagreb - Work begins on new 26 & 13 level towers!

Zagreb City Council has issued approval for construction work to commence on the city's latest commercial project. Work is now scheduled to commence in the next week (Officially 1st March 2004) on 2 new skyscrapers, one 26 levels and its "Mini-Me" at 13 levels.

Both towers will be linked at the base which will include some retail outlets. So far a handful of tennats in a couple of remaining residential buildings are moving out and demolition work will follow in the coming days.

The 2 new towers are the latest in a string of new commercial towers under way in Zagreb's financial district, south of the old Hapsburg city centre.

Here are a couple of renders ........

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Here is the article from todays (24-02-2004) Croatian daily Vjesnik. The article is in Croatian .....

Uskoro poèinje gradnja Mamiæevih i Kordiæevih »twinsa«
Ured za graditeljstvo izdat æe graðevinske dozvole dvojici investitora oko 1. ožujka, kaže proèelnik toga ureda Davor Jelaviæ / Stanari nezadovoljni velièinom ponuðenih zamjenskih stanova
Gradnja dvaju nebodera investitora Josipa Kordiæa i Zdravka Mamiæa na križanju Luèiæeve i Vukovarske ulice u Vrbiku, trebala bi poèeti prvih dana ožujka. Naime, kako nam je potvrdio Davor Jelaviæ, proèelnik Ureda za graditeljstvo, tim æe se investitorima graðevinske dozvole izdati oko 1. ožujka.
Razlog zbog kojeg se toliko èekalo na izdavanje dozvola za graðenje, nakon što je prije nekoliko mjeseci Detaljni plan ureðenja tog dijela Vrbika potvrdio želju investitora da grade nebodere od 12 i 25 katova, bili su neriješeni imovinsko-pravni odnosi i preostali stanari trošnih kuæica u Luèiæevoj, koje treba nekamo smjestiti.
I dok su investitori Mamiæ i Kordiæ stanare, veæinom zaštiæene najmoprimce, sa svojih parcela smjestili u zamjenske stanove, Grad Zagreb još uvijek nije pronašao prikladni smještaj za šestero stanara koji se nalaze na gradskom zemljištu, kojim bi, prema DPU-u, trebala iæi nova cesta.
Prema rijeèima jedne od zaštiæenih najmoprimki, Lucije Stojko (82), ponuðeni stan u Zapruðu prihvatila je samo jedna stanarka. »Nude nam garsonijere od samo ndvadesetak kvadrata. Ja godinama živim u stanu od 41 kvadrata i na manje neæu pristati«, odluèna je Lucija Stojko.
Grad, stoga, užurbano pokušava naæi prikladnije stanove za preostale stanare koji su u nekoliko kuæica ostali »zarobljeni« na veæ ograðenoj graðevinskoj parceli, na kojoj radovi samo što nisu poèeli.
Preostali stanari žele se preseliti, jer su kuæice u kojima žive u jako lošem stanju, a predviðene su za iseljenje još 1964. godine, nakon velike poplave.
Marina Majiæ
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Its official!

Work begins on Zagreb's newest commercial project. The 26 & 13 level towers. Work is to commence on the 1st March 2004!

This project is long awaited. The original approval was for 2x 138m towers!

Here are a couple of renders .....

Link to article in Croatian about announcement .....
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SinCity ..... the busy boy! ;)

I'm glad you know where to look for this info.

Its great to hear that these will shortly be under construction.

That area is becoming one big construction site that no doubt will have a number of tall towers that will change the look of the area significantly. A new European skyline in the making ...... :)

Its a pity that the original design didn't go ahead. It consisted of 2 towers equally @ a height of 138 metres. It definately would have made them the tallest in the region. I heard they got knocked back because the parcel of land needed to be bigger.

Anyway, cheers to Zagreb for another success! :cheers:
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