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ZAGREB - constructions update VI

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Thanks Mantaz, now you can move Zagreb update V to archive :)

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And guys please forget the politics and discus only projects.
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long foot, i thought you had to study for your exam.........;)
Well, Vrbik is quite far from maybe in a year or two, okay ? I can wait.... :D
^^^ Beautiful Spansko! Commies for everybody's taste :D

Seriously, you shoulda went to new Vrbik, there are loads of neat stuff. It's definately a place where i would like to live :)
Last year i was driving through Vrbik and didnt take any single pic of that area :bash:
You can either upload it to some server and post the link or make screenshots of your database and post them like pictures here :)
mic of Orion said:
I whish to insert one of my excel databases, is there any way I could do that or is there a way of inserting database if any sort in to thread?
hehe, cestitam na prolazu...i jos petaka dobil velis...super...ajde sad si se bar tjelesnog rijesio ;) :D

Gle, kaj se Vrbika tice i mojeg cviljenja, ne moras to uopce prihvatiti kao nekakvu obavezu. Meni je ustvari zao kaj sam propustio par prilika uslikati nekolicinu zgrada koje su mi se jako svidjele i sad gnjavim ljude ovdje da to ucine za mene, jako djetinjasto od mene, a kaj ces :D :booze:

Vec ako se nadjes u predjelu Vrbika, tamo je par redova jako lijepih modernih stambenih zgrada i to se nalazi prema autoputu - znaci sjeverna strana naselja :)
long foot said:
Čisto da znaš da sam položio taj ispit (i to petaka dobio), a Vrbik, hmmm, mogao bih skoknuti tamo sljedećeg vikenda, ali jao, Vrbik je velik, pa reci što konkretno želiš s Vrbika?
Povijest rvacke kulture, ka'es, ha? Ma nemoj ;)
A jel' se taj tvoj faks poceo priznavati napokon ? Jer ako se dobro sjecam bilo je problema sa Hrvatskim Studijima.

Moze i poslije vojske, ako budes prolaziJo (-> :D) pored Vrbika sjeti se starog druga i njegovog nedosanjanog sna ;)
^^^ Ali moras priznati da nas nitko ne moze tako fino sjebati kak mi mozemo sami sebe, u tome smo velemajstori :D

Ajde necemo vise tu raditi parodiju od grada i drzave, kad pogledas globalno, preko 100 drzava na ovoj planeti je u 100 put vecem klincu nego mi i dali bi sve da imaju barem H od Hrvatske...a opet jebiga, nismo Svedska ili Norveska, a niti Italija ili Austrija kojima toliko tezimo, no svejedno samo hrabro naprijed :) :eek:kay:
Ma kakva srednja zalost, jad i bjeda covjece! Azerbedjan je Svicarska za nas ;)
Evo skoro ce ponoc, tako se i vrijeme politiziranja blizi kraju - birtija se zatvara. Ehhh ne veli se uzalud 2 Hrvata - 3 stranke :D

p.s. Ajmo pliz izbjegavati politicke i ine rasprave ovdje, za tu svrhu imamo nase legalno izabrane predstavnike - tj. one konje na Markovom trgu.

...nadam se da je ovaj moj post ujedno i zadnji ovakve naravi. Takodjer i ostalima zahvaljujem na dosljednosti mojeg primjera :)
Hehe, we should open a forum for teens where we could freely exchange posters of our idols :D
mic of Orion said:
Just saw trailer for Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, already booked my ticket on next Thursday for the movie, wow, looking forward to the movie, sorry to go off topic, I am fan of star wars... Love all sci-fi stuff, but Star Wars is toping my list... :)
It didnt work for me either....must be that domain name is cursed or smth ( EU.COM) :D
long foot said:
just to let you know, guys, this is official site of Grand center project, you can find all info and construction pics here
Mike, speaking of tolerance and democracy, you have really surprised me now :D
Not that i am one of HSP or HDZ supporters (in some political segments i am -but in general i am not), but hey...can't tell me that Ferencak or Cacic are best things for humanity either ;)
mic of Orion said:
I don't like HDZ or HSP, they are all p**s, and cant stand there right-wing agenda, I cant understand why would someone vote HSP in first place, not like you have million immigrants wanting to live in Croatia and social tensions as a result of it, what is HSP all about?
perhaps pro-corruption, no-education and no-health services, or death to all none ignorant and intelligent Croats.

If I had any influence I would ban HSP and put its leaders in prison for citing racial hatred, or even better have them all BBQ whilst playing Serbian turbo folk in sound proofed chamber... I am not crazy to listen that awful music, it is torture in its own, lol.... Those that vote for HSP have no IQ to speak of if they did they would have voted for some one else. No disrespect to anyone but I really can't stand ppl like HDZ and HSP, I guess it is obvious... lol

Sorry going political and all that... back to normal theme, lol :) :) :)
Hehe, I knew he was gonna win. So this time, maybe he will really start to behave and get fully counscious of his responsebilities related to his job and stop acting like a freelancer :D
I have always been proud of my avatar, there is a reason for it, right? ;)
long foot said:
Bubach, you should know that your favourite polititian won elections in Zagreb yesterday. He got 40% and is probably our new mayor. Now you can be proud on your avatar :D
Where is Zagreb ? :

Ohh here it is :) :

^ Thanks :)
But i wouldnt use them as banners, they dont represent 'real Zagreb', these are just construction zones which are located at the margin of the city :)
Hehe, then the ones from above could be definately the worst ones you have ever seen :D

...yes, that is the same TV tower on the Sljeme mountain :)
quite confusing, ain't it ? ;)

I think it is past 'Zapadni kolodvor', and on the left side there are Franck's facilities :)
long foot said:
Bubach, is this area around west station or what? i'm not familiar with this panorama...

Sincity, I know that hardly anybody likes these 'Rockets' including me too, but when you take a better look at them, they have a great potentional to be turned into great looking buildings, I dont think it's gonna ever happen though or not any time soon. I am just being inspired by some great work that was done on a hotel building in Osijek. :)

You would probably never say that this is the same building, great transformation :) :

before :

after :

Long foot, is that really you? I first thought it was some weird housekeeper :D hehe :jk: ......wait until i post my pic here, then we might want to organize a freak contest :D lol

btw, great pics of VMD and Centarprojekt, both are incredibly nice looking, i especialy like that VMD interiror - passage :)
LF, you didnt know you were weird? Does it mean then that i am some weirdo? :D...I dont think so...I just think once our pics are posted, i will be the winner :D
I found one 'artistic' pic of myself, doesnt look exactly like me though, will take some normal one soon :)

p.s. Am I winning so far ? :D
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