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ZAGREB - constructions update VI

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Thanks Mantaz, now you can move Zagreb update V to archive :)

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And guys please forget the politics and discus only projects.
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I thought this was Almeria or something rather...

better pic of Almeria Project
long foot said:
It is not less atractive to me. I personaly like it more than Eurotower, but Eurotower is in higher phase of construction.
I always thought Almeria Project was Zagreb Tower :)
Hi Sin,
aha, I thought it was same project, lol, but Almeria is 18 floors project - 70m tower.
Does anybody know when the construction starts on this particular project?

I just had a thought if Zagrebacka Bank whishes to build say 125m tower on present location across Zagrebcanka tower it would be great skyline with 4-5 towers already there in one cluster - don't you think it would be great cluster and with Hoto Tower say 150m tower across from Vijesnik - this would be best cluster in Central Europe by far, I think...

It would really look great, not as dense or great as Warsaw or Frankfurt but it would be great and cool for city such as Zagreb. :)
SinCity said:
Nope. They are actually very similar. The only difference is that Zagreb Tower is 22 floors while Almeria is 15 levels.

They are actually being built not too far apart from each other. I love curved towers. :)
cool, I am, just doing few designs and samples of what I think it can be done - will post my amateur design here soon...

cool to know all this things are coming soon, I think 2 clusters is great idea I would only knock down old commie residential towers in there area, like 3 cone shaped towers, hate those a lot. :)
SinCity said:
So far there are 2 clusters of towers in ZG. At both ends of Vukovarska. There needs to be more work in between these 2 sections. EuroTower has sort of creeped things along and Erste Bank Tower would have done nicely too but no-one knows the final outcome of this one. There needs to be a few more talls along Vukovarska to make a nice long skyline. Its getting there surely but slowly. Zagreb tower has is edging the skyline a bit towards the centre too.

I would really like if Zagrebacka Banka and Raiffessen built their planned big ones.
I whish to insert one of my excel databases, is there any way I could do that or is there a way of inserting database if any sort in to thread?
thanx bubach, I'll try doping that, if not successful, I want bother with it.

Just found interesting thing on net, Zagreb Sport Hall,

What's going on with this project, is anyone doing anything about this at all?
What's the capacity of this hall, it sure looks as if needs major re-investment program, looks very big too... :)
lol, as f this is not an natural catastrophe, lol

I hear you all, no politics, just had to laugh at this, lol

just to inform you guys I have created new thread you all can come and ce, also comment, plz, do not post pictures as there will be loads of photos in the thread primarily put in by me, I'll editorially look for best pcs and put them as I think is best suited (sorry for my autocratic demands) I would need suggestions and photos to, but do not post them in the thread pm and tell me where I can get them and I'll be glad to put them in.

spread the word

Endimion17 said:
pa nemojte tako, pa nije ni tako loše. ima puno gorih od nas. bar nemamo prirodnih katastrofa, osim nase glupave vlade... :bash:
Guys I'll need places to eat out in Zagreb, restaurants and café. Photos of Shopping areas in Zagreb say Kings Cross, and anything else you might fins interesting. I'll need same info for most cities in Croatia rest I'll find for my self. thanx guys...
Just saw trailer for Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, already booked my ticket on next Thursday for the movie, wow, looking forward to the movie, sorry to go off topic, I am fan of star wars... Love all sci-fi stuff, but Star Wars is toping my list... :)
well thanx guys, I like to know I am not the only one, lol., I am Treki and star wars fan, have been since I was 10, and proud to be, I am not nerd or freak cose of it, I don't go to conventions and stuff, I do have posters and even toys, but I got them when I was kid and will sell them on eBay one of this days, they are hot property now, one 1977 star wars figurine toy of say Han Solo would easily fetch 500 bucks, and I have like 50 such figurines all from 1977 and 1981, 1983. I was only year old when I got my first star wars toys, my mom bought them cose she loved star wars and thought I'd want to play with it when I grow up a bit, I am glad we kept them cose now they can easily be sold for little fortune.

anyways enough of star wars - lets talk what's new in Zagreb, great to heard Bandic won, I thought he would win, he was most plausible and coalition with HNS and LS would secure his position in Zagreb council.

I don't like HDZ or HSP, they are all p**s, and cant stand there right-wing agenda, I cant understand why would someone vote HSP in first place, not like you have million immigrants wanting to live in Croatia and social tensions as a result of it, what is HSP all about?
perhaps pro-corruption, no-education and no-health services, or death to all none ignorant and intelligent Croats.

If I had any influence I would ban HSP and put its leaders in prison for citing racial hatred, or even better have them all BBQ whilst playing Serbian turbo folk in sound proofed chamber... I am not crazy to listen that awful music, it is torture in its own, lol.... Those that vote for HSP have no IQ to speak of if they did they would have voted for some one else. No disrespect to anyone but I really can't stand ppl like HDZ and HSP, I guess it is obvious... lol

Sorry going political and all that... back to normal theme, lol :) :) :)
lol, guys, I never took pics of my self (I have some somewhere) perhaps my last new year party pics, lol, I'll have to look for it cose this is new PC I currently use and old one is no more, although I kept HD somewhere.

I'll need to reformat this one soon cose it want upld. my pics from Fuji camera I got, I know what the problem is, only way to sort it I'll need to reformat my HD and start everything from a scratch, took some pics of me with few UK celebrities, and is somewhere on one of the memory cards. Yes you guessed I got about 10-15 Memory Cards all btw 32megs to 256megs, lol.

I'll need to upload all this pics cose I couldn't do it until I reformat my HD, but as I have like 200 gigs of stuff to back up I am not in a hurry... :)

For anybody wondering my PC stats are AMD Athlon64 3200 64bit system, 1gig of DDR RAM, 250 gigs HD, ATI Radeon 9800 PRO - 256mb DDR GC, and 550Watts Power Supply with heat sink. It is gamers computer built for graphics and game play primarily but I also do loads of work on it, for my media work presentation ands done some cool Maya graphics, started to use Director 8, it is quite weird and cool at the same time. Everybody at work thinks I got designer background, cose of all this software, lol.

All from me for now... :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :)

PS. started rendering some of my ideas for few Towers, will try to post them here, but it might take a while... I am using Autocad, which is quite simple program but I am still not familiar with everything so it might take a while. :

edit ----- guys you are in luck just found pic of me - was taken by one of my m8's when I was razing money for Greenpeace (voluntary work) pic was taken last year in June I think (Saturday morning)...

I am one with black tee-shirt, other guys are Mark and Jamie... all working for Greenpeace as volunteers.

I guess I might look like vierdo, lol. add this Star trek and Star wars fan, lol, and you get the geek that is me... :) :)
lol, :hilarious :hilarious
SinCity said:
What have you done Long Foot? ..... LOL :D

Look at what you have started ..... now everyone is offering their photos. ;)

So people are curious as to what I look like???? .......

I'll think about it. For now if anyone is keen all I can recommend are some dubious video tittles that I feature in ...... ;)
My father was Italian, well Anglo-Italian his family moved from Italy way back in 1938, I am 1/4 Italian, 1/4 Croatian, half English, lol. PS my father was Jewish this is why he left Italy (well parts of his family) most of my relatives in Italy have been killed in concentration camps and only surviving ones are here in UK and US.

I am not Jewish as such, (have Jewish father that is all) my mom is catholic and I was raised catholic, but now I am none believer (agnostic), at one point when O was at Uni I was Buddhist, for short time though... lol, :) :cheers:
SinCity said:
I actually thought Mick you were the guy in the middle with the grey shirt because he looks "Slavic" to some extent, but anyway most Croats dont look that Slavic. You look "Spanish" BTW in your pic. ;)
Zagreb I think, she was born in Zagreb, she moved to London 30 yeas ago, and rest is history.

My dad died (car accident) when I was only 13 and was brought up by mom, she still lives in Surry, and I am in West London. She goes to Croatia quite often and told me she'll move back by 2010 when she plans to retire and live in Croatia. I'll visit her for my holidays....
SinCity said:
Interesting background you have Mick. :) You have a wealth of various cultures behind you which is great. Most Croats in essence have some of sort of mix as a result of the Habsburg empire and others which brought in a large influx of various non-Croat groups which over centuries fused with the local Croats. We're all Croats, but we are kaleidoscope of different peoples, cultures and influences fused into one.

One thing I love is surnames. I like learning the origins of surnames and Croatia is fascinating because of the huge mixture of all types like German, Jewish, Italian, Hungarian, Slovak, Czeck, Polish, Turkish etc. My own surname is non-Croat and I'm still trying to figure out its origin LOL.

What part of Croatia is your mum from?
Well for mom's house here you can buy 2 or 3 in Croatia I am sure we'll get one on a seaside, I talked to her about and Istria or Kvarner would be the place she might get here second house. We already have large 3 bedroom apartment in Vinogradska street in Zagreb, it belongs to her family and she is renting it out to some company or something. But I am thinking it would be nice to buy something around Tuskanac or that area, If possible of course.

I have no clue, I recognise Dalmatian accent and think it is very funny, but all Croats sound to me the same, Zagreb accent sound to me most normal to me, - I mean one I can recognise easily.
SinCity said:
Mick, sorry to hear about your Dad. :( Its good your mum's deciding to retire back to Croatia. I guess its where he family still lives. You'll have to convince her to move to the coast thou, that way you'll have somewhere really nice to go when you have your summer vacations. :)
I wanted to say my mom was originally from Zagorje, not far from Zapersic, she told me she no longer speaks with Zagorski accent, but she did when she was little....
Guys I never cared for looks, perhaps cose I am quite shy person, or think little of my self in terms of gorgeous looks, but I really never cared for looks, I ware often Dockers and tee-shirts with trainers, very few fashion labels if any. I care little for ppl who must have all the latest fashion and think of them self's most beautiful in the world with ego to match...

My girlfriend is same as me, and most of my m8's are also down to earth, I used to do voluntary work with Greenpeace and Amnesty International, will probably start doing it again - every Saturday about 4-5 hours won't hurt.
I just cant understand how ppl can care so much about three egotistical needs when billion ppl around the world are starving, got no drinking water and dieing of most common diseases which in west we would/could treat with simple antibiotics...

Long foot and Bubach you look way cool, although I think Bubach you look way artistic to me, and remind me of few heavy metal friends I got, well I know them for sometimes (say 4-5 years)...

well, this are my thoughts can we skip this subject and return to Zagreb development issues, any news ?
thanx LF, I acutely work full time but in my free time I do voluntary work for few hours. many ppl in UK do work voluntary work to help local community say once a week or in evenings. I prefer to do it on Saturdays and to do something I support whole heartily. But you are right first you need to sort your own needs and than contribute as much as you can. :)

PS, sorry for my outburst up there, it wasn't directed at anyone just to get back at projects, hope I didn't offend anyone...
:) :) :cheers:
I use ACDsee 5 hate 6 cose it is f***g s**t...

forgot to ask, guys in Zagreb if you have chance can you take new pics of tram in action, final look...

O yes LF, I gave up on HZ, it is prohibitively expensive for me to call them and wait half an hour for to get some stupid secretary, I just think if you get anywhere with this I whish you all the best, I'll try once more to call them buggers and than I'll give up. I think to many ppl work for HZ - they are so inefficient...
Soon when University Hospital is complete and Rebro is relocated (new developments you all know about) many hospitals in Zagreb face closures, one of them being Petrova Hospital; Merkur Hospital, Children's Hospital, few specialised hospitals and holy Spirit General Hospital, in all about 6-7 hospitals face closure. Future of Zagreb medicine would concentrate on few state of the art medical centres, such as University Hospital, Rebro, Dubrava Medical Centre, Vinogradska Medical Centre and Trauma Centre, everything else will close down, perhaps infectious diseases hospital might remain as it is quite good and has excellent isolation wards for highly infectious diseases...

And yes I asked no less than Minister of health to get this answer, lol... OK he was in former government but nothing has changed since...

Although I think children's hospital should remain as it is only such facility in what was former Yugoslavia and wider, nearest such clinic is in Vienna and Milan. Zagreb Children's Hospital is medium large facility with 300 beds and it receives about 5 million US$ per year in support from overseas charity organisations. Here in UK we have charity shield and Zagreb Children's hospital is regular recipient of this charity from UK. :) :)
bubach_hlubach said:
This is where i was born - hospital in Petrova street :)

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