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Zarautz - Spain

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Zarautz it's a tourist resort in the Basque Country, 20 km. from Gipuzkoa province's capital city Donostia-San Sebastián, with a population of 22.000 (around 50.000 people in summer).

The beach has 2,5 km. long and the marina is located in Getaria (a fishermans' town, 3 km. from Zarautz). Around 300-500 m. of the beach, at the finish of it, it's a nudist beach, near the golf field.

The city was founded in year 1237 but majority of the buildings are from XX. century. Tallest buildings were built during 1960-1970 when a lot of immigrants came to the city and there was a "tourist boom".

Look detailed photographs of all tall buildings of the city at SSC's basque forum:

Tourists' flats and other people's "second flats" are located in this district, where are located too the tallest buildings. The view is sad because is taken in winter.

Station Tower (1965). Look 5 pics more of this building at this post.

Euromar Building (1963). Look 10 pics more of this building at this post.

Architect L. P. Ganchegui's Vista Alegre Tower (1958). 6 more photographs at this post.

As you can see, here, like in a lot of european cities and countries, people lives in four or more storeys buildings. This is an aereal view from Santa Barbara mountain. Here you have, a lot of pics taken from this point.

High rise condominiums built around 1960-1970.​

Now, some urban views of Zarautz:

And now some views of the outskirts:

A-8 motorway links Bilbao and Donostia-San Sebastián.​

The average price of a flat in Zarautz is between 250.000 € and 350.000 €, and the flat renting market is almost inexistent.

Some interesting links to know more about the city:

· Skyscrapers of Zarautz at
· Official website of Zarautz.
· Tourism office of Zarautz.

And finally, the sea, the Atlantic Ocean:

Now, be honest, look the photos one more time, vote, and commet on my birth-city (all of the photographs are taken by me).
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Vladimir*Ilich said:
An interesting Zarautz's skyline photograph taken from "Zarautz Photo Thread".
Pretty good skyline for its size 6.5 :)
Good skyline for its size, but ugly overall. I give it a 4.5/10 for the effort. :(
no skyline at all, but still nice beach ;) 6/10
Ugly! One of the most ugliest in the world! 1/10.
xantarc said:
Ugly! One of the most ugliest in the world! 1/10.
¡Wow! It's the first time I heard it about Zarautz. :runaway:
Nice city!

Beautiful city. I love the downtown area. I give it an 8/10 just for the city.
Skyline is not that great though.
xantarc said:
Ugly! One of the most ugliest in the world! 1/10.
Ugly! One of the most ugliest in the world! 1/10.
most of the american city's are not much better!

1 - 20 of 52 Posts
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