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ZHENGZHOU | Henan Province Radio and Television Emission Tower | 388m | 1273ft | Com

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Source: Xinhua News Agency

When completed, it will be the world's tallest all-steel-structured emission tower.

Name of project: Henan Province Radio and Television Emission Tower
Location: Zhenzhou, Henan Province, Central China
Height: 388m
Total floor space: 58,000m2
Date of foundation stone laying ceremony: 27 Dec. 2006
Time limit for construction: 2 years

Model and renderings of the Zhengzhou tower



Render back:
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love that futuristic design :). some construction pics?
i got a star war feelin from this
has this started? if so ill add to worlds tall diagram, but i need evidence.
Whatever happened to this project?
Aren't there too many radio transmitters ??? I think they'll make phis project in each chinese city....looks like Guangzhou one...:bash:
I think it looks like an arm with the muscles exposed. At Bodyworlds, it was cool. At 300+ meters tall... Not so much.
I agree, I immediately thought of muscles.

This is a pretty nice design none the less!
I think it looks like an arm with the muscles exposed. At Bodyworlds, it was cool. At 300+ meters tall... Not so much.
I like it with all my 1069 lbs.
every city must have a TV tower, but only the important ones get the tall ones... I think that's what's going on.

as happy as I am for Zhenzhou, I truly believe that this is a spectacular case of over doing it. This tower is too busy visually to be appealing in the long run. I have a feeling that this is one of those things that people will think is "cool" at the first glance, and then get more and more annoyed by it as time goes by.

but that's just my opinion.

counstruction starts Dec of this year.

ps. there won't be an overpopulation of radio-emmitters with the counstruction of TV towers. because cities that do not have a dedicated TV tower just ends up mounting them on top of tall buildings. So the radio emission stays the same, but buildings just won't have eye-soreing chunck of steel on their roofs.
The US seems to be going the internet/cable/satellite route for broadcasting systems, BUT China is building these CN Tower-like structures which seem to be an outdated form of transmitting. But then again, HD signals do come in better via over the air transmission versus cable. Have the Chinese advanced antenna broadcasting in some crazy new way? What is the reason for the sudden construction of these towers? Can they broadcast multiple HD signals from one of these towers and if so, how many? I think they are great towers, I'm just curious what the thinking is behind them.
the US/Canada still send/recieve their signals using towers, which then is transfered to households using cable/sat.

radio wave is always transmitted by air.

Internet is cable based at the local level only. They don't drag cables across countries.

And USA/Canada have planty of there towers around, they just don't look as good.

que bacano se ve muy fututista
^^ Awesome design. It looks like Burj al Alam if it had a spire.
You will really appreciate it in the large renders, by seeing all the intricate details that does not even seem too complex. Whats its status though? hmm
I like the top, but everything leading up to it is a bit too much.
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