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ZIMBABWE | Sawanga Mall | Victoria Falls

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The proposed project will be strategically located at the corner of Livingstone and Pioneer Road, Victoria Falls. The concept is intended to be more than just a shopping centre but a lifestyle centre in Victoria Falls. The shopping centre will have a floor space of around 5750m2 with a mix of retail, commercial and entertainment activities. The wide open embracing concept in front of the car park welcomes the public and absorbs them into various commercial units. The design does not only respond to the site boundary limitations but aims at revitalizing the culture, bringing trade without distorting the resort town status. The mall is certainly out to compliment the much needed services that are to bring together the locals and the tourists.
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Work on $10m Vic Falls mall to start next wee

CONSTRUCTION of a $10 million up-market shopping mall in Victoria Falls by one of the country’s leading land developer, Zimre Property Investment will start this month.

Zimre projects manager Mr Tasiyana Allen Mutede confirmed that the firm contracted to construct the infrastructure was already on site.“I spoke to the team of contractors and they indicated that they are on the ground and mobilising and will effectively start construction work on 15 January,” said Mr Mutede.

Zimre, which is both into residential and commercial property development, seeks to tap into the anticipated business boom on the back of an influx of tourists in the resort town.

The Sawanga Shopping Mall would house offices, internet cafes, bookshops, banks, boutiques, hair salons, restaurants, motor spares shops, medical centre, theatres, cultural centre and gymnasium. An elaborate sewer and water reticulation system would be put in place with access roads being constructed for easy vehicular movement.

Victoria Falls Mayor Sifiso Mpofu said the construction of the mall would go a long way towards enhancing the resort town’s economic activities.

“It’s (construction of the mall) a welcome gesture which will open up employment opportunities and adds value while it changes the face of the town. It will be the first of its kind though other plans are there. We are truly excited about this development,” he said.

Construction of the gigantic mall would add weight to the town’s quest for city status.

Conferring city status on the town would have several advantages from a tourism point of view because people tend to visit cities.
good start for vicfalls definitely needs more international stores there too many craft stores and restaurants not enough international brands there

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Locals pin employment hopes on Vic Falls mall

Groundbreaking ceremony
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The $13 million Sawanga Shopping Mall project, which is expected to change the face of the country’s tourism capital, Victoria Falls is now 95% complete with the official commissioning scheduled for early next month.

The $13 million project is nearing completion with most of the tenants currently working on the fittings, while the anchor tenant, Pick’n’Pay is set to open its doors by the end of March.

Sawanga Shopping Mall Project Manager, Eng Allen Mutede said the project is 95% complete.

“We are excited that substantial work has been covered and I can safely say that we are about 95% complete. The contractor is currently working on the final touches ahead of the commissioning of the project, while most of the tenants expected to open their doors to the public by mid-April. ,” he said.

The shopping mall consists of 23 shops, banks, concept houses, food courts, restaurants, coffee shops, a service station and curio shops.
According to ZIMRE Properties Investment, about 95% of the space has already been taken up.

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