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- one of south-moravian architectonical pearls
- a town 65 km (40 miles) SW from Brno, 15 km (10 miles) N from Austrian border
- pop 35 200
- beautifully situated in a valley of the Dyje river
- found on a traditional business way between Prague and Vienna
- many medieval architecture sights
- center of the Znojmo vineyard area
- czech ice-hockey extraliga (top competition) played by HC Znojemští Orli (Znojmo Eagles hockey club :lol:)

Old town streets, first set

Upper Square

Between Upper and Lower Square

Lower Square

Socialist realism on Lower Square (upper part:)), the Dyje shopping mall; late 70s :bash:

Aerials from Town Hall Tower ... I was the 1000th visitor since there is a new owner of the tower, got free entrance and a book :baeh3:

A Quiz: Where is a train?

The Loucký Monastery and a church closed by ... a big wine shop there (local wines just from cellars)

A path along Dyje river from Loucký Monastery to the center

Old town streets, second set

Znojmo underground network of cellars and corridors, supposed to have over 100 km (60 miles), 1.6 km (1 mile) opened for public; entrance/inside

Town Theater and surrounds

Watch and drink :cheers: Kofola recommended :)
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Thanks, Znojmo is one of Czech top cities in terms of historical value for sure, however I think it's bit behindhand compared to another cities in purchasing power of inhabitants. I know it is in agricultural region, which is not very progressive branch nowadays. Znojmia, our famous company producing cucumbers went bankrupt few years ago too.
I see something on the right but don't know if it's train.
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Yes. That's the train. IC Znojmo - Šatov - Retz :D. It has almost gone till I conformed my camera. You won the first prize: Stand ovations: :applause:.

The region can get more from Austrian border relations, unfortunately it still has not meant much for region economical development.
To complete the town presentation:

Znojmo panorama (not my take of the picture):

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